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Life is unpredictable, but your family's financial security doesn't have to be. At Eternity Financial Alliance, we understand the importance of safeguarding your loved ones' future.

In challenging times, life insurance becomes a financial lifeline, covering daily expenses, mortgages, and bills. The death benefit shields your family from potential debt burdens, addressing immediate financial needs. Beyond this, life insurance supports business continuity, funds education, and supplements retirement funds.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Financial Security for Your Loved Ones 
In the event of your passing, life insurance provides a crucial safety net for your family. It covers immediate expenses, such as funeral costs, mortgage payments, and daily living expenses.

Debt Protection 
Life insurance ensures that your debts don't become a burden for your family. Outstanding mortgages, loans, or other financial obligations can be settled without putting additional strain on your loved ones.

Legacy and Inheritance 
Life insurance allows you to leave a meaningful legacy for your heirs. It can fund educational expenses, provide an inheritance, or contribute to charitable causes important to you.

Business Continuity 
For business owners, life insurance can be integral to business continuity. It ensures that your business survives and thrives, providing financial support during a transition period.

Different Types of Life Insurance

IUL - Index Universal Life
IUL blends the security of life insurance with the potential for market-linked growth. The cash value is tied to a market index, allowing policyholders to benefit from market upswings while having a downside protection floor. The flexibility to adjust premiums and death benefits makes IUL an attractive option for those seeking growth potential without direct market exposure.

- Flexible death benefit.
- Flexible premium.
- Cash value grows based on an interest crediting strategy that is tied to changes in a market index such as the S&P 500.
- Downside protection through minimum guarantees(4) to ensure that your cash value will not decline due to decreases in the Index.
GUL - Guaranteed Universal Life
GUL focuses on providing guaranteed death benefits with fixed premiums. Unlike Whole Life, GUL doesn't accumulate cash value, emphasizing its role as a straightforward protection tool. It suits individuals prioritizing a solid, cost-effective solution without the complexities of cash value accumulation.

- Flexible death benefit.
- Flexible premium.
- Policy cash values are credited to a current interest rate that is set by the insurance company, which is subject to change but will never be lower than a guaranteed minimum interest rate.
VUL - Variable Universal Life
VUL offers flexibility unparalleled in the life insurance realm. Policyholders can allocate premiums to various investment sub-accounts, influencing the cash value based on market performance. However, it comes with market risks, and the cash value, including principal, may fluctuate. VUL is for those comfortable with investment ties and seeking a customized approach.

- Flexible death benefit.
- Flexible premium.
- Cash value grows based on the performance of the professionally managed stock, bond and money market sub-accounts that you choose. You can design a portfolio to match your comfort level and risk tolerance. Policy cash values fluctuate based on the sub accounts in which you are invested and may lose value, including principal.
WL - Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance is a stalwart in the insurance landscape. It offers guaranteed death benefits, fixed premiums that never increase, and a cash value component that accumulates over time. The policyholder receives dividends, enhancing the cash value and potentially the death benefit. It's an ideal choice for those seeking stability and a long-term financial foundation.

- Guaranteed death benefit
- Guaranteed cash value
- Potential additional cash value by the receipt of any dividends declared by the company. Although not guaranteed, dividend payments are generally declared annually by the company.
- Level premiums are guaranteed to never change.
Term - Term Life Insurance
Covers you for a specific period of time, also known as a term. Often, terms are available in 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year lengths, and you can choose the length of coverage that’s right for you. It’s typically cheaper than what the average person spends on coffee per month. Term insurance is known for its low premiums and guaranteed payouts. Your beneficiaries will get a tax-free lump sum of money if you pass away while you have this coverage.

- Guaranteed death benefit for a fixed period.
- Fixed premium
- No cash value.
- Coverage is for a certain period of time (term), usually for a specified number of years or to a specific age of the insured.
- Initial premiums tend to be lower but will eventually increase.
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Living Benefit

The Living Benefits feature allows you to receive a portion of the policy's death benefit while you're still alive, triggered by specific qualifying events, with each carrier having its own guidelines and limitations. It's essential to note that this rider is not meant to replace health contracts, qualify as long-term care insurance under section 7702B(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, or function as non-qualified long-term care insurance.

Qualifying Events

Critical Illness:
Critical illnesses often occur suddenly and without warning, causing significant financial impacts. Some qualified critical illnesses include major heart attacks, strokes, major organ transplants, paralysis, cancer, end-stage renal failure, among others.

Chronic Illness:
Chronic illnesses are typically conditions that persist for an extended period, disrupting normal daily living. Qualifying illnesses or conditions affect the ability to perform at least two activities of daily living (ADLs).

Terminal Illness:
Terminal illnesses are defined as those in which a physician reasonably expects (and certifies) will result in the insured person's death within 24 months.


Why Choose Eternity Financial Insurance Life Insurance?

Tailored Coverage 
Our expert advisors will work closely with you to understand your financial needs and will create a custom designed policy.

Financial Security 
Proper insurance coverage in the event of a passing. Protect your income and assets against chronic illness. Get accelerated death benefit options to protect if you get get sick.

Suitable and Affordable Premiums 
To get the right coverage can be expensive. Our custom tailored plans will ensure your family's future is protected.

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