Holistic Fiduciary
Planning Model

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8 Step Fiduciary Planning Process

1. Establishing a holistic fact-finding process to gain a clear and precise understanding of our client’s needs via FHA.

2. Working diligently with the client to clearly identify and establish appropriate goals and objectives.

3. Analyze, compare, and distinguish client scenarios ( current and suggested)

4. Develop relevant and applicable proposals using due diligence, prudence, and care.

5. Objectively educate the client about the subject matter prior to making the recommendation.

6. Present recommendations clearly and accurately so the client gains a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances as well as the potential consequences of their action or inaction of the recommendations.

7. Developing a process to implement agreed-upon recommendations.

8. Establish a system for monitoring, reviewing, and adjusting the recommended plan.


What is a Financial Health Analysis (FHA)

A Financial Health Analysis (FHA) is a part of our Holistic Fiduciary Planning to get a better understanding of your financial scope by; assessing where you are today, analyzing your financial goals for tomorrow and establishing a financial road map with confidence and precision. With our unique FHA process we map out a specific outline of your finances that will lead to a brighter and safer future.

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